Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

We’ve compiled answers to some of the questions that we’re asked most. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, contact us.

+ Project and Design Process
I need a builder/contractor.

We can recommend builders and contractors that we have worked with for years. We are familiar with their work and are comfortable referring you to them.

I need a professional remodeler.

We can recommend remodelers that we have worked with for years. We are familiar with their work and are comfortable referring you to them. If you are only replacing cabinetry, a professional remodeler may not be necessary. We are able to provide the design and product to make the project as easy as possible.

How long does a remodel take?

Kitchen projects can take as long as five weeks and longer, depending on the amount of work to be completed. Cabinetry typically takes up to four weeks to manufacture, and the time it takes to install cabinetry will vary depending on the complexity of the job. Granite, quartz and solid surface tops can add to the timeline because they are templated, cut and installed after the cabinetry is installed. Tile backsplash can also add some time to the project. To shorten the timeline, consider laminate countertops. They are made at the same time as the cabinetry and are delivered with the cabinetry.

I’m building a new home. When do I pick out cabinetry?

We usually design cabinetry from your floor plan or a copy of your blueprints. In most cases, homes are constructed very close to the plans, so cabinetry designs can be started about or prior to the home’s foundation being started. Some tradesmen, such as plumbers and electricians, will need a detailed copy of the designs to properly place plumbing rough-ins. Electricians will mount outlets and switches before insulation and sheetrock are installed. Also, think about your accent lighting. Electricians will wire accent lighting according to the product selected. Some lighting needs to be hard wired (meaning, installed before insulation and sheetrock), but low voltage accent lighting can plug into an outlet.

What design choices can you help me with?

We display and assist with selection of cabinet styles, cabinet colors, countertops and hardware. Our Selection Room displays more than a hundred wood types and colors, and our showroom displays contain many internal accessory options such as roll out trays. In addition, our designers can assist you when you make choices concerning the flooring, paint, tile, window and wall treatments.

Who will install my cabinets?

We can recommend qualified remodeling and new construction contractors that we have worked with for years. We are familiar with their work and are comfortable referring you to them. We also provide installation information for backsplashes, plumbing and electrical.

Do you have anything that could help me organize my project?

Download our Design Planner to make it easier to organize your project.

+ Costs and Payment Options
How much does a remodel cost?

The cost depends on the size of the project and the materials selected. We have completed kitchens for less than $5000, and we have created kitchens that were $40,000 and more. On average, cabinetry and countertops cost between $7000 and $13,000. In some cases, countertops can cost as much as the cabinetry.

Do you charge for designs?

When you buy StarMark Cabinetry, our design work is free of charge. All other design work is $300: a StarMark designer will provide a design and release drawings to you.

Do you charge for estimates?

No. Working from your drawings and sketches, our designers create a design using cabinetry design software and can provide you a quote reflecting your door, wood type and color selections.

Is financing available?

We do not have a financing program.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

+ Cabinetry and Cabinet Hardware
What is the most popular door style in Sioux Falls?

Popular cabinet door choices are Roseville, Ridgeville, Bridgeport, Bedford, Stratford and Breckenridge.

What is the most popular wood type in Sioux Falls?

Alder cabinets, Cherry cabinets and Maple cabinets are popular. Also, Oak cabinets in darker colors sell well.

What is the most popular cabinet color in Sioux Falls?

Chestnut, Mocha and Java are popular stains. Marshmallow Cream and Macadamia are popular “paint” colors. Note, our paint is called Tinted Varnish, and it’s much more durable than paint.

Can you help me replace hinges, glides or doors?

The showroom carries replacement components for StarMark Cabinetry. For all other cabinetry needs, the showroom staff can help locate replacement hinges and other parts. Often, we can source these for you locally and you have them within days.

Do you reface cabinets? 

No, however, we can order doors for StarMark Cabinetry.

Are your cabinets custom? 

Yes. Every cabinet is made to order for each customer. Cabinets can be made to fit your space within 1/16” of an inch.

Do your cabinets have quality construction?

Yes. StarMark Cabinetry is solid wood and hardwood plywood, and is manufactured using quality, time tested methods. Our cabinets meet rigorous KCMA standards.

What is most popular in cabinet hardware?

In Sioux Falls, homeowners are choosing brushed nickel finishes and bronze finishes.

Which brands of cabinet hardware do you carry?

The complete collections of the following cabinet hardware brands can be viewed online. If they (or any other hardware company) offer it, we can order it for you!
Berenson Hardware
Schaub & Company
Top Knobs

+ Countertops
Which countertops work with under mount sinks?

• Solid surface tops such as Corian have their own sink that is under mounted for a seamless look.
• Solid surface tops can also have a stainless steel under mount sink, and other sinks made especially for this application.
• Granite and quartz tops can have a stainless steel, copper and quartz under mount sink.
• Laminate tops can have a Karran brand stainless steel and quartz under mount sink.

Which countertops scratch easily?

Solid surface countertops scratch easily; a professional can repair them by sanding. Laminate tops can scratch; the High Definition HD® laminate from Wilsonart is the most durable laminate surface. Marble tops also scratch.

Are there low maintenance countertops?

Manmade quartz countertops are the best option for no maintenance. The production process results in a surface that is non-porous with a pleasing sheen. They will not stain and are virtually impossible to scratch. Quartz countertops need no sealing or other special maintenance other than washing the surface with a mild dish soap and drying off.

Can I fake the look of granite?

Some laminate countertop designs are actual photographs of granite slabs, and can be less expensive than granite. However, seams will be more noticeable on such laminate than actual granite. Some new quartz designs accurately mimic the look of granite; however they can cost just as much as granite, if not more.

Will burns and stains come out?

It depends.
• Burns and stains on a laminate are not repairable.
• Burns and stains on a solid surface top can sometimes be sanded out, or the damaged area can be cut out and replaced.
• Burns on a quartz top can be repaired in some cases.
Granite tops will not burn; however, they can stain if not maintained and sealed regularly. A stain on a granite countertop is not repairable.

Which countertops can I roll dough on?

Quartz and solid surface tops are the best surfaces to roll dough on. They are completely smooth and non-porous. Laminate and wood tops work as well, but require more cleanup.

What is the difference between natural stone and engineered stone?

Natural stone is an actual stone or slab cut from the earth. Because it is a natural material, it is porous and will contain small cracks and fissures that can be noticeable when fabricated into a slab for a countertop. Natural stone may have differences in hardness and density, which in some cases results in weak spots that could crack or allow stains.

Engineered stone is a manmade product that typically uses natural raw quartz in a range of sizes, from as fine as sand to the size of a pea. This raw quartz is mixed with pigmented resins. The mixture is put through a process of vibration, compaction and heat to cure the resin and to squish out the air. This results in a countertop that is non-porous, strong and free of cracks and fissures associated with natural stone.

What is the most popular type of countertop?

In Sioux Falls, homeowners tend to choose granite and quartz.

Which brands of countertop do you carry?

The complete collections of the following countertop brands can be viewed online. If they offer it, we can order it for you!
Thomas Creek Wood Tops
Boos Block® Wood Tops
Cambria® Natural Quartz Surfaces™
CaesarStone® quartz surfaces
Silestone® quartz surfaces
HanStone® quartz surfaces
Zodiaq® quartz surfaces
Corian® solid surface
HI-MACS® solid surface
Formica® laminates
Pionite® laminates
Wilsonart laminates
Nevamar® HPL surfaces
GEOS Recyled Glass

+ Facilities
Where is the showroom located?

Today’s StarMark Custom Cabinetry & Furniture is our kitchen and bath cabinetry showroom in Sioux Falls. Cabinetry, countertops and hardware are on display. The showroom is located at 600 E. 48th Street North.

Is there still a Bargain Store in Sioux Falls

We no longer have a bargain store. We donate surplus cabinets and materials to Habitat Restore (721 E Amidon St) in Sioux Falls.

Cabinets and Countertop

We couldn’t be happier with our new cabinetry and countertops from StarMark Cabinetry. The entire process was extremely smooth and everything went as planned. I definitely recommend StarMark Cabinetry to anyone that is looking for cabinetry!

– Whitney P. | Brandon, SD